Emmanuel Gardin

Is a creative but also a shrewd manager who likes to broaden the horizons of its activity. With a holistic view of our society, the basic needs but also its excesses, he wished to develop intelligent products.

"A designer is not a creator but a person who designs tools, which meets needs. Make a product to follow a fashion does not interest me. I see in a circular way while, at the moment, we operate in a linear system doomed to failure because we have limited resources. "

He thus gives priority to sustainable and environmentally friendly materials: wood, aluminum, glass ... "Let's create less but better", what he proposes is to reduce the impact of production and increase our attention to more efficient and sustainable products. For this purpose, the multifunctional aspect plays a key role in designing many of its products.

Emmanuel Gardin est un designer mais également un entrepreneur avisé qui aime élargir les horizons de son activité. Fort d’une vision holistique de notre société, de ses besoins fondamentaux mais aussi de ses dérives, il tient à développer des produits intelligents.